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Crane dishKaiseki Ryori or cuisine Kaiseki is an artistic and gracious Japanese seasonal cuisine. A story tells that Zen Buddist priests used to keep a hot stone (seki) in their kimono pocket (kai) in order to make their fasting more bearable. The Kaiseki was originally a light meal served during the traditional tea ceremony and is also called Cha (tea) Kaiseki. Nowadays, Kaiseki Ryori is served in Japanese restaurants called Ryotei in Japanese.

Meal dish Kaiseki Ryori uses seasonal fresh ingredients that are prepared in ways that enhance the original taste of the ingredients. Due to its Zen origins, Kaiseki was once vegetarian but nowadays, the modern Kaiseki meal can consist of as many as 15 different courses featuring sashimi, tempura, tofu, fish and meat dishes. Sake is also served along with the meal. Kaiseki Ryori is now prepared in diverse traditional styles and is designed to please all senses.

Stuffed dish Exquisite care is taken in selecting ingredients and type of food as well as the wares in which it will be served. The choice of the wares is as important as the food itself to enhance the appearance and seasonal theme of the season. Ceramics, porcelains lacquer wares or glasses as well as bamboo cut can be used. Traditionally, rice and soup are served in lacquer ware with a lid.

Lobster dish

Having the chance to share a Kaiseki meal in a Japanese traditional environment isa rare privilege and we are happy to welcome you at Sakura.

Reservations are required.
Reservations are to be made for 2 or more people and a minimum of one week in advance.

Meals start at $150 per person.
A selection of fine sake is included.

For more information please call.